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User agreement



1. Announcement

Welcome to “SW&doll workshop(Sunny’s World)”. Please read the agreement carefully. This agreement is here to list the user and the store's rights, duty and responsibilities for the internet service (the "Service") provided by “Sunny’s World”. Your access to this site and use of any "Sunny’s World" services constitutes your agreement to be bound by the following terms, conditions, and notices. “Sunny’s World” reserves the right to revise or amend this agreement.

2. Rights and Duty

Rights of “Sunny’s World”

a. This web site or any portion of this site may not be reproduced, copied, duplicated, sold, resold, publicly display, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without the prior expressed written permission of "Sunny’s World". "Sunny’s World" reserves the right to refuse service, and/or cancel orders in its discretion.

b. All content in this site, including, without limitation, all graphics, texts, and software, are the property of "Sunny’s World" or its suppliers and protected by the Law of People’s Republic of China and international copyright laws. The compilation (the arrangement, collection, and assembly) of all content on this site is the exclusive property of "Sunny’s World" and protected by the Law of People’s Republic of China and international copyright laws. The content and software on this site may be used as a shopping and selling resource only. Any other use, including the distribution, transmission, republication, reproduction, modification, display, or performance of the content on this site is strictly prohibited. Certain trademarks and service marks owned by "Sunny’s World" may be contained in this site; all other designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

c. "Sunny’s World" reserves the right to revise or amend all the content, information and service article on this site.

Duty of “Sunny’s World”

a. Offering of the information regarding goods and services and conclusion of the transaction; Shipment of the concluded transaction's goods or service. "Sunny’s World" must do its best to provide the goods and services.

b. Protecting users’ personal information. “Sunny’s World” should only collect the minimal informational necessary to carry out the contract of purchase. The personal information is not to be shared without the user's consent and the "Sunny’s World" is responsible for this. However, the following clause indicates excepted circumstances:

(1). Sharing the minimum information (name, phone number, address) with the shipping company for shipping;

(2). Personal information is shared in a way not being able to identify specific person for the purpose of making out a statistics, study or marketing research.

c. "Sunny’s World" should be equipped with the security system to protect the personal information (including the credit information) in order for the users to use this internet service with confidence.

d. When the goods are sold out or modified due to the changes in the technology “Sunny’s World” has the responsibility to inform users and provide solutions.

Rights of users/members:

a. Registration is free. All the members (registered users) can purchase goods, collecting points and attending activities hold by “Sunny’s World” on this site. Users who haven’t registered can only browse this site without any qualification to perform acts on this site.

b. Members have the rights to view or modify their personal information on this site.

c. Members’ purchases are protected by Law of People’s Republic of China and International customer protecting laws.

Duty of users/members:

a. Users should not perform the following acts:

(1). Registration of false information when requesting or modifying;

(2). Modification of the information posted on “Sunny’s World";

(3). Sharing or posting the information prohibited by “Sunny’s World";

(4). Violation of “Sunny’s World" and others' copyrights and intellectual property rights;

(5). Acts of disturbing the business or damaging the reputation of “Sunny’s World";

(6). Sharing or posting the information prohibited by the good public order and customs such as pornography, violent message, pictures or sound clips.

b. Members are responsible for their own ID and password. Member should not share ID and password with anyone else. If so, they should be responsible for the loss.


a. Members can ask for the withdrawal of the membership to "Sunny’s World" any time and "Sunny’s World" should conduct the withdrawal immediately.

b. If the member falls under the following clauses, "Sunny’s World" can limit or disqualify the membership:

(1). The member has submitted false information.

(2). The member has purchased the goods or services and has not paid the due in given period.

(3). The member interferes with other person from using “Sunny’s World" or plagiarized and threatened the order of internet transaction.

(4). The member used “Sunny’s World" to perform an action that is prohibited by this agreement or good public order and customs.

(5). The ID hasn’t been used to perform any acts on this site over 1 year.

c. "Sunny’s World" is allowed to seize the membership if the membership has been limited or paused and the member has repeated the action or it hasn't been corrected within 30 days.

d. When "Sunny’s World" forfeits the membership, the registration is canceled. In this case, it should be notified to the member and bestows a chance for an explanation.

Thanks for reading and signing up as our member. We will try our best to provide goods and services to you. Happy shopping here!


--------By “Sunny’s World”